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Miami Vice
Mill Creek's 'Crime Time TV' DVD Set Combines 'Vice,' 'Knight Rider,' and More!
10th Kingdom, The (mini-series)
New Blu-ray and DVD Release of the Mini-Series Will Include Digital Copies!
Walking Dead, The
Early Cover Art Shuffles In for 'The Complete 8th Season'
Martian Chronicles, The (mini-series)
Reversible Cover Art Images, New Details for Kino Lorber's DVDs and Blu-rays
Power Rangers Time Force
Package Art and Official Details for 'Super Sentai Timeranger: The Complete Series'
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News Title
4/06/2018 If You Missed the Team at Dunder Mifflin the First Time, Here's a Re-Release for 'The Complete Series' Set!
7/15/2014 All 9 Seasons of the Dunder Mifflin Show on DVD in 'The Complete Series'
6/14/2013 Finalized Street Date for 'Season 9: The Farewell Season' on DVD, Blu-ray
5/16/2013 'Season 9' Blu-ray and DVD Info...Just in Time for Tonight's Finale!
11/06/2012 Blu-rays and DVDs for the 9th and Final Season of NBC's Sitcom are Being Planned
7/26/2012 Official Episode List and Box Cover Art for the 'Secret Santa Pack' DVD
7/17/2012 The 'Secret Santa Pack' Gets to Work on DVD This Fall
6/19/2012 Blu-ray Disc and DVD Announcement, Package Art for 'Season 8'
10/03/2011 Long-Range BD and DVD Plans are Being Drawn Up for 'Season 8'
7/05/2011 Press Release for 'Season 7' on DVD and Blu Reveals Special Blu-Exclusive Extras!
7/01/2011 Date, Cost, Bonus Material and Packaging for DVD and Blu-ray of Season 7...Michael's Last!
10/20/2010 DVD and Blu-ray Disc Releases of Season 7 are In-The-Works
8/31/2010 Every Webisode/Minisode to be Compiled Into 'Overtime: Digital Shorts Collection' DVD
8/19/2010 Revised Press Release Unveils First-of-its-Kind Blu-ray Extras for Season 6
6/08/2010 Blu-ray Disc Box Art Arrives for the Season 6 Set!
6/02/2010 Universal's Formal Season 6 Press Release Reveals DVD and Blu-ray Bonus Material
6/01/2010 Studio Season 6 Announcement Confirms Date, Brings Box Art, Correct Price and More!
4/26/2010 Pre-Order Listings for Season 6 on DVD and Blu-ray Go Up at Amazon
4/05/2010 Industry Sources Give Us a Release Date for Season 6 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
7/08/2009 Collectible 18-DVD Seasons 1-5 Collection: Date, Price, Box Art
6/24/2009 Package Art Revealed, and Whether Webisodes are Included, for Season 5 DVD & Blu
5/28/2009 Universal's Formal Season 5 Full Press Release Mentions Blu-ray Specific Extras
5/27/2009 Season 5 Announced for DVD and - Surprise! - Blu-ray: Date, Specs, Extras
4/09/2009 Amazon Pre-Announcement Pre-Orders, Part 2: Universal's Season 5 DVD set
8/03/2008 A Look at the 'Rental Ready' Disc Case Art for The Office - Season 4
6/27/2008 Universal Provides Menu Screen Previews for The Office - Season 4
6/25/2008 Revised Box Art for 4th Season Set Offers Few Changes From Previous Pic
6/16/2008 Universal's Trade Ad for Fall TV-DVDs Provides Early Look at The Office - Season 4 Box
6/05/2008 Universal Issues a Press Release for The Office - Season 4 DVDs
5/29/2008 Get Your Bonus At The Office: Extras for the 4th Season DVDs
5/27/2008 4th Season DVDs Officially Announced: Release Date a Bit Earlier Than Expected!
5/07/2008 4th Season DVD Date Found Hidden Among Contest Rules
7/21/2007 Michael ditches his gang thanks to season 3 cover art change
7/05/2007 Sharper Pic of the Box Art For 3rd Season Set
6/23/2007 Long List of Extras for The Office - Season 3
6/22/2007 Mark This On Your Desk Calendar: Season 3 Release Date, Box Art
5/20/2007 Office Gossip: 3rd Season Set Extras and Release Date
3/16/2007 Get Your Office Supplies: Here Comes a Season 1 & 2 Bundle!
7/15/2006 Tons of season 2 menus!
7/11/2006 Season 2 Artwork Updated: Pam, Jim & Dwight Join Michael On The Cover
6/19/2006 Memo contains season 2 artwork
6/19/2006 Universal Announces 2nd Season DVDs: Official Date, Cost, Specs!
6/18/2006 More Behind-The-Scenes Info About The Upcoming Season 2 DVDs
6/04/2006 NBC's Popular Sitcom Gets A Season 2 Release This Fall, Co-Star Says
6/01/2005 Head to The Office this summer

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