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When Calls the Heart
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Frequently Asked Questions - Site Info

What's the purpose of this site?

The purpose of this site is to get more TV shows released on DVD.

How on earth are you going to pull that off?

We plan on having a working relationship with the studios. We have users who come and register on our site and show interest in their favorite TV shows. We let the studios know how many people want to see the shows they own released on DVD, and how they want them (season sets, best of, or individual episodes). We feel that once the studios can see the interest in their product they will strongly consider releasing more TV product on DVD.

Why is this site better than a petition?

Nothing against petitions, but we feel this site is better organized. On this site you can let multiple studios know that you'd buy their TV product if it was released on DVD. It isn't limited to one show or one studio. Since we're going to be working with the studios there isn't the hostility that petitions sometimes bring. We aren't demanding they release the show, we're simply showing them how many people would be interested in buying the show if it were released.

So you really think this will work, huh?

Yes, but only time will tell.

When did you start working on this site?

I think the work started sometime in January, 2001. It's been a long haul, but it's fun.

How many people work on the site?

Gord Lacey is the creator of the site and does most of the work. David Lambert works on news items and adding DVDs. We also have others who review for the site.

So who owns this site?

The site is owned and maintained by BlueFrog Studios.

What's driving this site?

The site is built using ColdFusion from Macromedia and is served from NT/Windows 2000 machines. The database was initially done in Access 2000, but quickly converted over to SQL Server 7.

Who hosts the site?

The site is hosted by Pacific Online based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. These guys are great and I'd recommend them to anyone needing ColdFusion/ASP hosting.

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