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The "What's The Hold-up?" FAQ

Created: 9/04/2009
Most Recent Update: 4/19/2018
By David Lambert

One of the most common questions we've routinely gotten at since the site was founded in 2001 is, "why isn't such-and-such released on DVD yet?" The only answer we're able to give is usually the most basic one of all: "we don't know". When we DO know, the usual answer has tended to be "because the studio hasn't gotten around to it yet".

But as time has gone on, the studios have gotten around to releasing most of the biggest TV properties in their libraries...or at least tried to get to each of them. Many of the shows that aren't out, or aren't being continued after previously getting at least one release, have some sort of issue behind them. This is a limited attempt at listing the most often-asked-about ones, where we do happen to know the reasons involved.

The Fine Print: This could either be a really great idea, or a really bad idea. Great because it helps share the information, which is always a good thing. Bad because 1) often nobody really wants to hear what amounts to bad news so this could possibly result in hostility from some of the fans, 2) we can only pass along the stuff we know about, and fans of shows not mentioned here will be yelling "but what about my favorite unreleased program? why isn't it listed?"...and our only possible answer is "because we don't have that sort of information about it at this time", and 3) what's below is the info we have...but that doesn't mean it's 100% (or even 1%) correct in the slightest, so please take everything with a grain of salt.

As time goes on we may add to, change, update or even remove (if something on this list gets announced!) anything from this FAQ. If you are an "insider" to a situation mentioned below, and have some info about it, please just e-mail us directly and let's discuss it; talk to Gord and/or Dave directly and we'll consider updating the FAQ with what you pass along.

Please also remember that this FAQ is copyrighted by and their owners at, and may not be duplicated in whole or in part, for any reason, with or without any monetary gain. - David Lambert, FAQ author

TVShowsOnDVD's "What's The Hold-up?" FAQ

Alphbetical Index:
  1. American Dreams
  2. The Apprentice
  3. Ashes to Ashes
  4. Blossom
  5. Brooklyn Bridge
  6. Crossing Jordan
  7. Doctor Who "Missing Serials" (1st & 2nd Doctor)
  8. The Drew Carey Show
  9. Eastwick
  10. Ed (2000 series starring Tom Cavanagh, Julie Bowen and Michael Ian Black)
  11. Freddy's Nightmares
  12. Good Morning, Miss Bliss
  13. Green Hornet
  14. Homefront
  15. Human Target (1992, with Rick Springfield)
  16. Human Target (2010, with Mark Valley)
  17. I Dream of Jeannie's 2 post-series telefilms
  18. Knots Landing
  19. Malcolm in the Middle
  20. Mister Peepers
  21. Mr. Belvedere
  22. Murphy Brown
  23. My Two Dads
  24. Parker Lewis Can't Lose
  25. Romantically Challenged
  26. Room 222
  27. Saturday Night Live (further season sets)
  28. Small Wonder
  29. Third Watch
  30. Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
  31. Werewolf
  32. Women of the House
  33. X-Men Evolution

  • Good Morning, Miss Bliss
    Before NBC aired 5 seasons of Saved by the Bell (not to mention the subsequent telefilms and spin-offs), there was a season of a show starring Hayley Mills called "Good Morning, Miss Bliss". Fans of Bell (and not just the so-called "completists", either) wonder where the DVDs are for this original version of the show. The answer is pretty straightforward: somewhere in Disney's vaults. While NBC picked up on the retooled version of the program, they originally passed on the form of the show that starred Mills, and it aired instead on The Disney Channel. So Disney's rights on Miss Bliss episodes have to be considered as part of any hold-up on DVDs.
  • Green Hornet
    Many of the hold-ups with this popular series, starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee, are similar to the issues which previously had plagued the 1966 show Batman (both shows came from William Dozier's Greenway Productions). Keep in mind, though, that while some of the entities involved in each show had been the same, others are different just because Batman has come to DVD, it doesn't necessarily mean that Green Hornet ever will. For example, Batman originated in the comics currently known as DC Comics, while Green Hornet began his career as a radio telecast. The short story is that there are many legal issues with this show due to rights-holders, and there has never been any indication that those roadblocks are being cleared.
  • Crossing Jordan
    As with other shows, there are music costs involved in this series. The studio released the first set with high expectations, especially when show creator Tim Kring found new success with Heroes. But the sales on Season 1 simply weren't enough to cover the high music costs, so the studio has no plans to move forward with further season sets at this time.
  • American Dreams
    This could be, word-for-word, the same explanation as Crossing Jordan, above. The only difference here is that there is, from time to time, word that the people behind the show are working to try to get the remaining two seasons released on DVD. Still, despite that hopeful-sounding word, we honestly haven't seen anything solid enough to believe we'll see more DVDs very soon. We're keeping an eye on it, though.
  • Malcolm in the Middle
    Where is Season 2 and beyond of the popular series? Again, it would be music costs that are the hold-up. Back in 2003 we passed along a report (from an article by our friend at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Randy Salas) that a studio exec said how the first season set "sold well enough to merit a second-season release, but higher costs to clear the music have so far scuttled the project." In the years since then, the studio hasn't changed their position on it. UPDATE (11/12/2012): More season sets have been released overseas, where music rights laws are different. There are still no plans announced for further North American releases, however.
  • Murphy Brown
    Again, this one comes down to the high music costs with the series especially with all that Motown music. The studio released the first set quite some time ago, but the sales on Season 1 simply just didn't meet the expectations the studio had, and they've put the DVD releases "on hiatus" (our word choice, not the studio's...we honestly don't expect any further releases). UPDATE (4/12/2010): at the live online chat last week (4/5/10) with Warner Home Video, hosted by the Home Theater Forum, WHV said that further releases of Murphy Brown would be "problematic due to high music costs".
  • Homefront
    Yet another one with huge music costs, about which the studio has said, "[it] has an avid fan base that Warner appreciates, but music is 'very very high' and don't know if the DVD base is large enough to release it"; they are "keeping it on the long list, though".
  • Classic Doctor Who "Missing Serials" (1st & 2nd Doctor)
    WikiPedia has an excellent entry about Doctor Who missing episodes, and how the BBC wiped/"junked" over a hundred episodes from the first two Doctors (William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton). Each storyline/arc/serial was usually made up of several episodes, and some serials are missing entirely because no episodes survived or have been found since. The serials with some episodes available had those installments released on DVD quite some time ago, as the "Lost In Time" box sets. Serials that remain completely unfound and therefore aren't expected to be seen on DVD are Story #004: Marco Polo; Story #018: Galaxy 4; Story #019: Mission to the Unknown; Story #020: The Myth Makers; Story #022: The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve; Story #026: The Savages; Story #028: The Smugglers; Story #031: The Highlanders; Story #034: The Macra Terror; Story #042: Fury from the Deep.
  • X-Men Evolution
    Some readers of our site tipped us off that James Harvey of (and some of their hosted sites, such as "Marvel Animation Age", "World's Finest") posted over there about the fact that Warner currently has no plans to release the show's 4th Season, or any other DVDs of the series. That honestly didn't shock us here, considering that the last release (Season 3) was several years ago...and even that had followed a 1.5 year delay from the release previous to it. If Warner WAS going to try again to release these, they almost certainly would have done that at the time Wolverine hit theaters (the same time Disney released their first DVDs of the '90s series). It looks like Amazon has a listing for the Season 4 title, but unfortunately that "Sign up to be notified" page on Amazon doesn't mean a release is only means Amazon is collecting names of potential customers in case it's ever released. Until and unless Warner re-groups the team for DVD, we guess the X-Men Evolution squad has been defeated for the time being. UPDATE (5/19/2010): retailers have forwarded us a "cutout notice" from Warner Home Video (this actually comes from Canada, but should apply to the USA as well), informing them that a pair of titles for X-Men Evolution are being discontinued "due to lost rights". The interesting thing on this notice, though, is the "effective dates" provided: they are for next year, 2011. The effective date of the cutout for "The Complete 3rd Season" shows 1/28/2011, and "Season 1 Vol 4 - Xposing The Truth" shows 5/1/2011. This COULD possibly be a positive sign for fans, however; if the rights go elsewhere (presumably back to Marvel, which as most of you know is now part of Disney), then perhaps new DVD releases would include the show's unreleased 4th season.
  • Knots Landing
    At this time Warner has said that they currently have "no plans" for more season sets of the show. That may change in the future, but then again it may not. What Warner MOST needs to see is that it's not only the passionate fans (the ones willing to come to TVShowsOnDVD and vote, and come to Facebook and complain about no current plans for the next release) who are willing to buy this show on DVD. It also needs to be bought by the "mainstream" group of more casual fans. Think of a family member (aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.), or friend, or a co-worker who's seen the show and enjoyed it, but isn't as heart-and-soul into the series as someone reading this probably is. Did THEY buy Knots Landing on DVD? If not, then why not? What's stopping them? It's in stores and it's at Amazon, it's at a decent price (at the time of this writing, roughly ~$27 for S1 and the same for S2)...why hasn't it sold more? It was popular on broadcast (ran for 14 seasons, 1979-1993 on a Thursday night time slot going against big-ratings NBC shows like Hill Street Blues and LA Law); why isn't it selling better on DVD? If Warner sees the copies of the first two seasons - the ones that they've already produced - start to move out of stores and into people's homes (without having to lower prices so much that they're losing money on every copy), then they would most definitely start to make plans for S3 sets. UPDATE (4/12/2010): at the live online chat last week (4/5/10) with Warner Home Video, hosted by the Home Theater Forum, fans checked in with WHV about the status of further season sets. The most definitive studio response on the subject during the chat was this one: "sales for Season 2 were less than expected which has prevented us from scheduling the next season release but...we're continuing to look at it". UPDATE (12/1/2011): In mid-November a fan, Ed Clarke, asked on Facebook to the Warner Archive Collection about this show. The reply from the studio was this: "We'd love to release the rest of this series. The problem is that there are heavy music clearance costs involved. Our company is dedicated to resolving these long-standing music stalemates, but the process is very time-consuming. We certainly know of strong fan interest in this great series."
  • The Apprentice
    Season 2, from 2004, never came to DVD...and when it didn't come, none of the seasons thereafter came, either. So why didn't that ever hit DVD? Some speculated that it was from low sales of the first season set. Others speculated, in a similar vein, that it wasn't released based on the idea that a "contest-style" reality show isn't a good fit for DVD, because everybody already knows who won so there is no suspense (but isn't that true of key dramatic plot points for fictional shows, too, though?). However, the biggest bit of speculation was that it had to do with possible legal action from NBA star Chris Webber, who for the final challenge was named in the show as backing out of a charity appearance. Webber said publicly at the time that he was NEVER contacted about such a thing, and that the show producers possibly made it up just to give the contestant a higher degree of challenge. As far as we know, Webber never did sue...but perhaps keeping that season off DVD was part of why he didn't go for the legal action. Having watched that season when it aired, we can see NO WAY that the studio could edit around all of that stuff which was the basis of his complaint; it was pretty key material shown during the final task. So that could very possibly be why there was never any Season 2 home video releases...or any further seasons of The Apprentice. Take that with a grain of salt, though...the sales issues are MUCH more likely to be bigger factors. Or maybe the correct answer is more along the lines of: "D) All of the Above".
  • I Dream of Jeannie's 2 post-series telefilms
    Following the end of the regular series, there were two post-series TV movies made: I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later and I Still Dream of Jeannie. Neither of these have been released on DVD yet, not even as part of the "Complete Series" set that Sony put out for the show. We asked the studio about these, and in the reply we were told that it's all about the "revenue requirements" vs. the "sales expectations". A mention was made that the current state of the economy helps to make those sales expectations to be lower than is required to proceed. The response finishes by saying "That doesn't mean we will never release them, just not planned right now." UPDATE (9/3/2013): Earlier in 2013, Sony released I Dream of Jeannie - ...15 Years Later as a manufacture-on-demand (MOD) title. No word on the other telefilm, however.
  • The Drew Carey Show
    Last week (4/5/10) Warner Home Video participated in a new live online chat, hosted by the Home Theater Forum. When queried about whether more seasons of The Drew Carey Show are being planned, Warner informed the audience that at this point it is "problematic due to high music costs".
  • Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
    Last week (4/5/10) Warner Home Video participated in a new live online chat, hosted by the Home Theater Forum. One person inquired about further DVD releases of this 1972 Hanna-Barbera-produced primetime animated show starring the voices of Tom Bosley, Joan Gerber, Kristina Holland, Lennie Weinrib, David Hayward, Willie Aames and Jackie Earle Haley. WHV said that "Based on poor performance, additional doubtful."
  • Third Watch
    Last week (4/5/10) Warner Home Video participated in a new live online chat, hosted by the Home Theater Forum. When an HTF member asked the studio about further seasons of Third Watch (seasons 3-6), a WHV exec responded, "Music costs are very high on Third Watch Season 3. We're still looking to see if we can make that work." UPDATE (12/1/2011): A week ago a fan named Vincent Fordyce asked on Facebook about this show and two others: "I wanted to inquire on some TV shows. Will you be releasing the live action Saturday morning series 'Shazam!', Eight is Enough, or Third Watch: Season 3 anytime soon?" The quick (less than two hours later!) response from the Warner Archive Collection staff was, "Nothing new to report....yet....There's always hope for better news in the future."
  • Freddy's Nightmares
    The new "A Nightmare on Elm Street" remake film (starring Jackie Earle Haley of Watchmen and Human Target) is in theaters this Friday (4/30/2010) where is the DVD release of the 1988 TV series that was spun off from the original franchise? Wouldn't it make a good tie-in? Our contact at Warner Home Video acknowledges this, and hopes the new movie is a big enough success to generate a sequel or even a new franchise. Now, that is not the ONLY thing which could bring Freddy's Nightmares to DVD, but if it happens then apparently the opportunites for a release will go way up.
  • Blossom
    Shout! Factory released Blossom - The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons in January 2009, but since then has shown no sign of releasing the third season. What's the hold-up? Shout! DVD producer Brian Ward explains it at the studio's official message board by saying, "Unfortunately, there are serious music clearance issues. And this time, we don't have the option of swapping music. Hurdles we're trying to leap over." Why don't they have the option of swapping music? While Ward doesn't specifically say, in other cases where he's said the same thing, he's explained that there are times when the soundtrack has all the sounds (dialogue, sound effects and music) all "married" together on one track, rather than individual tracks for each one. Replacing music means erasing important dialogue (and trying to pay the actual actors to come in an loop their lines is even MORE costly, and may also even be a license violation). The only other alternative is to cut such scenes entirely, which is way too upseting to fans, so many studios will not consider this to be a viable option. The best option is to find a way to clear the original music at a cost that is within the budget of the DVD-producing team, so that the release can happen at a list price that is acceptable to fans. This applies not only to Blossom - Season 3, but also to many other musically-challenged DVD releases! UPDATE (11/8/2010): DVD producer Brian Ward has posted new details today at the Shout! official message board: "As for the status of S3, sadly, we're no further along. The big problem is music, as stated before. Unfortunately, there are a couple of songs that we're not allowed to remove via replacement or editing. But we can't afford the asking price and the label's refusing to budge. And this isn't a case of 'we're not willing to pay it.' This is literally a case of astronomical costs that are impossible for us to afford. So, at the moment, we're at a bit of an standoff. We can't afford the costs of the music (from one label, mind you), we're not allowed to remove the songs and the label's not working with us. So, yeah...That's the hold-up. We're both willing and eager to get started on a third season release. We just can't go anywhere at the moment."
  • Ed (2000 series starring Tom Cavanagh, Julie Bowen and Michael Ian Black)
    With the announcement that Six Million Dollar Man will be coming to DVD in November 2010, Ed moves up to become the 4th-most-wanted unreleased TV show among registered members of where is it on DVD? In February 2007 star Tom Cavanagh ("Ed Stevens") said in an interview that the music was the hold-up: "The stumbling block as it's like a lot of the time is the music rights. They were fortunate enough because of the clout they had as the Letterman's producers to get a lot of great music as one-offs, of course when you put those on a DVD that becomes a whole different thing. I think that's the difficulty." HOWEVER, just a few weeks later, in March 2007, a separate interview with Ed creators Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman revealed that there are other reasons for the hold-up as well. Beckerman said, "...our understanding is that things got kind of tied up in between the different entities that were involved in producing the show. Because it was a joint production of Viacom Productions, which no longer exists, and NBC Productions and I guess Viacom kind of got absorbed back into Paramount and I don't know, it's just a whole maze of executives and confusion." So it sounds like there are 2 different legal hurdles keeping this highly-wanted show off the DVD market: ownership rights and music licensing. But that was a few years ago now, is there anything more current? In an interview from February 2009, Cavanagh updates the status by saying "Um, that is in the works as we speak." However, he immediately gets humorous about the long delay for this release, and doesn't clarify if "in the works" means that the legal issues are in the process of being sorted out, or if they've gone so far as to actually begin producing discs, or what. When the interviewer responds by commenting, "Oh, I see. I'll see Love Monkey out on DVD in 2030, then. Right?", Cavanagh replies, "You'll probably see Love Monkey before you see Ed, but they're both in the works. How about that?" Well, we think that is still very vague, and as of this writing a year and a half later (August 2010) there still has been no sign of an actual Ed DVD announcement (neither from CBS/Paramount or from NBC/Universal). Or a Love Monkey DVD announcement, for that matter! Not even any industry rumors, sorry, beyond the fact that there are several 3rd-party studios interested in licensing the DVD rights; however, noone has successfully cut a deal yet to our knowledge. We're keeping our ears to the ground, though.
  • Mister Peepers
    Word from industry experts has pointed to the too-high costs of restoring kinescopes of older shows such as this one, along with the regular costs of DVD production, compared with limited anticipated sales, as the reason they haven't moved forward yet with producing the remaining seasons of this show.
  • Brooklyn Bridge
    Following some positive-sounding news earlier in 2010 about a DVD release, Brooklyn Bridge fell straight off the radar. To try to investigate the situation, we were in touch with the office of show creator Gary David Goldberg, and also with CBS DVD. It quickly became apparently to us that there were communication issues between these two parties, which were leading to hard feelings on both sides. Goldberg's official website has previously said different things about the situation, but now it instead points to a article which is probably the most fair discussion we've seen about both sides of the story. It's probably safe to say that for the duration of this situation, it's unlikely that there will be much forward momentum with Brooklyn Bridge DVDs. Some fans have speculated that the situation might also be what is holding up more DVD releases of another Goldberg show that is in the CBS DVD libriary: Family Ties. We honestly don't know one way or the other about that, as neither party has spoken about it. However, we've observed that both CBS DVD and the sister company which acts as their distributor, Paramount Home Entertainment, have scaled back the frequency of their TV-DVD releases in 2010. This is simply due, industry sources tell us, to the slow economy. For example, other popular CBS/Paramount shows such as Love Boat, Early Edition and others have been stalled on DVD releases since 2009.
  • Saturday Night Live (further season sets)
    From 2006 to 2009, Universal released season sets of SNL at LEAST once a year, usually in December (2088 saw an extra season set release, in May). Fans were quite pleased with getting the first five seasons in a row, but then they were upset that the sixth season was never announced for DVD in 2010. Rights-owners Broadway Video have informed us that the reason they are not able to continue with those season set releases is due to the high cost of the music in the performance segments of the episodes. As a result, only "best-of" DVD releases are being made available to the fans at this time.
  • Werewolf
    This 1987 show was among the earliest hit shows on the Fox Network, and in 2009 Shout! Factory - who had licensed the rights from Sony - was planning to release the complete series on DVD. They began putting it together and got quite far into the process, but then found out that a pair of music tracks in key scenes of key episodes could NOT be licensed, because the music-rights-holders (each of the two songs had a different rights-holder, is our understanding) simply declined to do so. It was, we hear, not a matter of money, but for other reasons (which have not, and possibly never will be, made public). Now, for the majority of TV shows, there are separate audio tracks for the vocal dialog, for the sound effects, and for the music. Therefore, changing music can be fairly easy in these situation. But in the case of Werewolf, however, there was just one track with all those items mixed together. So these songs were "married" to the dialog and audio effects; there was NO way to eliminate the restricted music without literally re-recording the scenes with the original actors (an excercise that would have been HUGELY and prohibitively expensive, even if the actors were generous and waived their payments the cost still would been so much that it would have boasted the list price for each copy of the DVD set to a cost so high that fans would find it incredibly difficult to buy). It was such an impossible situation for Shout! Factory, that at their request Sony effectively canceled the license contract to them for the show, and took the property back (Sony and Shout! continue to work together on lots of other shows, of course). So Werewolf, to our knowledge, belongs to Sony now. As of this writing, Sony has not announced that they will put it out, or that they are licensing it anyone else. Of course, any other studio (Sony or otherwise) would still have to deal with the music issues that thwarted Shout! Factory. So this program is likely to be sitting on the shelf, unless something changes.
  • Ashes to Ashes
    Fans of the original UK version of Life on Mars have been wondering if the "sequel" series, Ashes to Ashes, would be released in North America...just as Acorn Media did with the original show. The spin-off takes place in the 1980s this time, although we do see older versions of some of the characters from Life on Mars. Along with the rest of the fans, we've also wondered whether Ashes to Ashes would make it to DVD in the USA and Canada. So we asked Acorn Media about it, and we're told that they are still assessing the feasibility of bringing the spin-off to DVD on this side of the Atlantic. The key to the wait, however, has been securing the music rights for all those great '80s songs which were used in those episodes. Acorn wants to ensure that the music can remain intact on any North American DVD release, as they feel that it's a key part of Ashes to Ashes (just as it was with Life on Mars, in order to set the "mood" of the era). The work to try to make this release happen is still ongoing, so it's certainly not a lost cause or anything like that.
  • Parker Lewis Can't Lose
    In mid-2009 and early 2010, Shout! Factory released the first 2 seasons of Parker Lewis Can't Lose, and since then fans have been holding their breath for the third and final season of the show. Want to know what the hold-up is? Not a problem! In mid-October, Shout! DVD producer Brian Ward posted a comment at the studio's official message board explaining things: "There are some major music hurdles that our team is actively trying to clear...we are trying to get it done. We'd love to just outright pay for the music clearance, but the second volume didn't sell enough to justify it. Fingers crossed, gang!" So there you have it: music costs again. If more fans purchased Season 2, then it looks like Season 3 would have made it out by now. Unfortunately, sometimes we fans are the actual hold-up! Of course, in the current down economy even the most passionate fans have had to cut back their spending; that's understandable. But be sure to ask for your favorite TV shows on DVD as a holiday gift to fill up the holes in your collection, okay?
  • Room 222
    Shout! Factory's 2009 release at general retail of the first season of the show with Karen Valentine didn't sell well enough to convince retailers to accept the show back on their store shelves, but the studio moved forward anyway with a "Shout! Select" online-store-only release of the second season early in 2010. However, Shout! DVD producer Brian Ward has recently revealed at the studio's official message board that "It's...a shame that a VERY SMALL number of people bought S2...We're holding it back because we're going to sell even fewer than we did of S2 and that number was already extremely low." So it looks like school, unfortunately, is out for now. UPDATE (12/1/2011): This is a belated update, but in late August the word from Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward was very straightforward and rather final-sounding when he said, "Doesn't look like we'll be doing S3, I'm afraid."
  • Human Target (1992, with Rick Springfield)
    The recent Fox Network-aired series starring Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley is in its second season now, and enjoying some success. But this isn't the first time the DC Comics character of Christopher Chance, The Human Target, has been on TV! In 1990 a pilot was shot starring musician/actor Rick Springfield, and co-starring "E-Street Band" saxophonist Clarence Clemons. In 1992 ABC picked up the show (produced by the same people who brought us The Flash a couple of years earlier), and though much of the cast (including Clemons) changed, Springfield still led as Chance. Too bad the show didn't seem to have much of a chance, though...only 7 regular episodes were produced, and the original Clemons-included pilot was never broadcast. Still, fans of the new show have been curious about the original, and recently one of them asked Warner at their "Warner Archive Collection" Facebook fan page if there was "Any chance of releasing the original HUMAN TARGET series with Rick Springfield?" The Warner Archive Collection (WAC) team, which puts out the studio's manufacture-on-demand (MOD) titles sold online, replied with the reason we haven't seen this item yet: "Many have asked about this series over the years. Recent rights research indicated some music issues need to be addressed before we can seriously pursue a release on DVD. If these issues can be resolved, chances would be very good that fans could get this long-requested series from WAC."
  • Romantically Challenged
    The 2010 ABC-aired sitcom starring Alyssa Milano had its fans who loved it deeply. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough of them, and the show was canceled after just 4 episodes aired (leaving two or three episodes produced but unaired). A show which is that short-lived is unlikely to get a traditional in-store DVD release. But since Warner owns the program, one fan thought that the studio's MOD (manufacture-on-demand) online-sales-only program might be a good fit for this series. So she recently asked the Warner Archive Collection (WAC) at their Facebook fan page, "Can we please have Romantically Challenged put onto DVD?" The WAC team replied with bad news, though: "Sadly, for fans of this series, we cannot release it on DVD at the moment, as none of the music was cleared for home video release".
  • Eastwick
    The 2009 ABC-aired drama based on John Updike's Witches of Eastwick novel (as was a feature film, and a musical) only lasted 1 season with 13 episodes. As we commented above with Romantically Challenged, since Warner owns the program one fan thought that the studio's MOD (manufacture-on-demand) online-sales-only program might be a way for this series to come to DVD. So he asked asked the Warner Archive Collection (WAC) at their Facebook fan page in January, "Hello, Could we please have Eastwick the tv show put on DVD? It lasted 13 episodes and the fans would love it.Thanks!" The WAC team replied with info, however, which doesn't sound too promising: "Music licensing costs for this series make a release unlikely any time soon. But, anything can change...! If we are ever able to clear the series, we'd love to make it available to the fans through WAC."
  • Women of the House
    The official status regarding this show is that the release has been permanently removed from Mill Creek Entertainment's release schedule; issues surrounding the source material delivery resulted in a termination of the entire deal.
  • My Two Dads
    In Spring 2011 a post on the studio's official message board by Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward said that sales of the first two season sets were too low to continue producing any more: "I'm afraid the hardcore M2D fan collective may have proven to be a bit too small to continue with S3, just yet. Sales on the first two seasons just aren't what we'd hoped."
  • Small Wonder
    In Spring 2011 a post on the studio's official message board by Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward said that sales of the first two season sets were too low to continue producing any more: "Small Wonder has proven to be a bit of a novelty series that most people are comfortable owning one season of. The second season fell below even the usual, expected decline in sales. I can't give numbers. But a lot more people have to prove, with sales S2, that Small Wonder is, indeed, a demanded title. Otherwise, the supply will not be created."
  • Mr. Belvedere
    After releasing the first 4 seasons of the sitcom in three DVD sets from 2009 to early 2010, Shout! Factory hasn't released anything more from the show's 6-year run. What's up with the final two seasons? In Spring 2011, Shout! DVD producer Brian Ward revealed at the studio's official message board that they released all the seasons they had licensed up to that point, and were apparently in long, drawn-out negotiations to acquire the rights to release those remaining episodes. You can read what Ward said in posts here ("Mr. Belvedere's rights are held up by the licensor. We'd release it tomorrow, if we had them.") and here ("We (Shout!) do not have the rights to the fifth season of Belvedere. However, we're certainly still speaking with folks about it. (Cliff) from saying not to expect it anytime soon, (so) you're obviously getting a fairly good view of the ongoing communication between licensor and licensee." To our knowledge, nothing further has been revealed on this topic since then.
  • Human Target (2010, with Mark Valley)
    The recent Fox Network-aired series starring Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley was not renewed, because it had poor ratings at the end. Moreover, it doesn't look like the show's second (and final) season is coming to home video from Warner Bros.; as TVShowsOnDVD webmaster explained in a tweet last November, the first season set had poor sales on both formats and the studio apprently doesn't think a second season set would sell well enough to be profitable.
  • The Simpsons
    On April 5, 2015, a fan of the show wrote to Showrunner/Exec Producer Al Jean on Twitter, saying, "You need to release seasons 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 of @TheSimpsons on DVD, because we want to complete the series." Keep in mind that Seasons 1-17, and also Season 20, have already been released on DVD, so the fan was asking for "everything else." A couple of days later, on April 7th, Al tweeted a reply back, "Due to the rise of on demand, I am not sure when we will release additional DVDs." This could have meant that there were simply no plans yet for the next DVD season set, but the following day (April 8th) Al tweeted again, this time being even more declarative: "I personally am v sorry to see DVDs discontinued" Another fan, confused, wrote back to ask, "wait what are you talking about? are the sales for season 17 that bad?" Al responded that the "Simpsons fans are great...DVD market is dying. Did best we could."

    Yet another fan asked Al, "how come other shows are still producing DVDs and blurays? I'd think the simpsons would still be a seller compared to others? :(" This is something we at TVShowsOnDVD agree with: if 2015 can see Fox Home Entertainment plan DVD releases, in stores or online as manufacture on demand (MOD), for shows such as 1600 Penn, The Crazy Ones, Legit, Wilfred, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, The Transporter, Graceland, Witches of East End, Cristela, Brickleberry and a Blu-ray release for Lost In Space: The Complete Series, then why wouldn't a show as popular as The Simpsons continue to get DVD releases? Perhaps streamlined in some way (DVD only but not Blu-ray, perhaps with no extras, or even just MOD?). Al responded to the reader's question with a tweet that said, "But no one has a site like FXnow" (i.e.,

    So then, is this a strategy from the studio, or is it actually from the folks who run The Simpsons (who have more control over their program than just about every other Fox network show)? We at TVShowsOnDVD swiftly asked Fox Home Entertainment about Al's tweets, and after two days we've gotten no response from them at all. Meanwhile, longtime TSoD reader Wesley Mead asked Al on Twitter, "Is the situation that Fox offered made-on-demand DVDs for the series going forward, and you guys said that wasn't good enough?" Al quickly replied in a way that makes it sound like it wasn't his designing: "I honestly don't know full details we requested that commentaries continue and FX kindly obliged." At the same time, another fan - who lives outside of North America, just like our friend Wesley does - asked Al whether this discontinuation of DVDs applies worldwide: "Any idea what non-US fans will do in the light of no more DVDs being released? Commentaries, man. The self-adulating insight, man." Al's tweeted response SEEMS to say DVDs are not happening anywhere else in the world, either: "Commentaries will continue on fxnow which I hope will be available worldwide someday." Wow.

    So, will third-party DVD studios now try to pick up the license for The Simpsons? Could Olive Films, Shout! Factory, Time Life or somebody else go that route and bring us discs for the show? Well, probably not, as one of Al's tweets said, "We will do commentaries for all downloads and possibly a master DVD when (if) show ever goes off air." What does he mean by "a master DVD"? You and I would call that "The Complete Series." If Fox intends to put out a big Complete DVD set someday, then naturally they won't license the rights out to somebody else. Of course, most of the fans who are passionate enough to possibly buy such an item ALREADY own 18 season sets (1-17, plus 20) on DVD right now, so why would they buy all those seasons once again, instead of only the seasons they don't own? Since Fox Home Entertainment hasn't contacted us back, we just really don't know what will happen. Therefore, for now, we have to assume that what Al is tweeting appears to be accurate, and we don't expect any more DVD of The Simpsons for a long while...if ever. :(

As of April 10, 2015 there are 38 entries in this FAQ. Look for more updates to this FAQ as time goes on! Please be patient in the meantime. NOTE: At this time, this FAQ is only being updated periodically, with long intervals between updates (example: it has been 8 months since the last considerable update).


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  • Perfect Strangers, so an entry was for that show.
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  • Feb. 1, 2010 - Added an update to the Doctor Who entry about a new U.K. release of The TV Movie (with Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor) is being produced, but no indication that USA rights issues have been resolved mean that there is little hope that we'll see this "revisitation" DVD over here.
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  • Apr. 12, 2010 - Massive update to the FAQ, adding new word from the BBC that the 1996 Doctor Who movie's rights issues remain unresolved, and adding updates and new entries - based on info from last Monday's online WHV/HTF chat - for hold-ups with Superboy, Murphy Brown, China Beach, Perfect Strangers, CHiPs, Alice, Flo, Knots Landing, The Drew Carey Show, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home and Third Watch. Began work on moving this FAQ from the notes tab of our Facebook fan page to the main site itself.
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  • November 6, 2010 - Mentioned that Warner's MOD title "Classic TV Christmas Collection" contains 1 episode each of Eight is Enough, Perfect Strangers, CHiPs and Alice (plus it has episodes from six other shows which do not currently have listings on this FAQ, because we don't know what their hold-ups are). Added listings for Saturday Night Live (season sets), Werewolf, Ashes to Ashes, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and the final season of Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
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